Good Morning, Women Rising Up

For our first blog, we wanted to share with all of our members the beautiful speech given by one of our founding mothers, Roberta "Bobbie" Godsil, at our February 25 General Membership meeting. Her compassion and loving nature were revealed in her words, and touched everyone in the room. We couldn't think of a better way to kick off our new blog. Thank you, Bobbie!

"Good morning Women Rising Up. My Name is Roberta Godsil -- my friends call me Bobbie, Bobbie Lee or B. I am very happy to have been asked to participate and contribute as one of the leaders of this beautiful group. This is a very positive junction in all of our lives. We all have a purpose on this planet. I have always felt I was destined to this specific purpose -- to help heal and bring peace to this country and the world through positive actions and connections.

My journey to this point in my life has not been without its fair share of difficult trials. I have lived my life in a way that has always been, to the best of my ability, as a good and fair person. Family has always been my first priority. I am the proud parent of two strong minded and progressive children, and two beautiful grandchildren. My granddaughter is a beautiful little biracial girl, my grandson is being raised with the freedom to be and express himself freely in any way he chooses. They are raised from love and progression. My life is dedicated to improving their world, but also I feel a very strong responsibility to improve the entire world on a much larger scale.

I have always been a very persistent and dedicated individual: I was involved brutal motorcycle/car crash Memorial day 2008. Recovery was very long and painful and everything from the very basic had to be re-learned. Rediscovering and re-inventing. I had hidden from my true purpose in order to please everyone, but the accident forced a recognition within myself. This is when my direction became clear -- I had to live my dreams, to live authentic as the woman who had always been repressed inside. This person who lived inside of me began to become stronger and stronger. She was not going to be denied any longer. I love the woman I am becoming, I love her more everyday.

This is what progression is. Progression cannot to be stifled or curtailed, You cannot undo or unlearn what is true, bright and real within yourself. You fight for what is right, for yourself, for your ideals. We have no time to waste, the world needs us to step up. By no accident I am here with you ladies now, pushing another impossible snowball up the hill, knowing without doubt that we are good enough, strong enough, intelligent enough and bright enough to drive and push the progressive actions we are taking to the top of the hill and then do it again as needed. I am an extremely strong individual, but connected with such a beautiful, intelligent, intensely driven group of women who have fought, struggled and pushed, and as many of our predecessors have done. Women who also wanted and want to live in a peaceful, intelligent and cleaner world -- a world that is thoughtful and respectful of other persons, that views all persons equal and perfect, respective of cultures, of all life, always mindful of our planet, and taking care of it.

We are stronger together, we are all Women Rising Up, and this world is very much ours to make in our own vision."

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