Anti-Oppression Training - Radical Engagement

Women Rising Up & SW Michigan Rising Up are excited to invite you to our second round of Anti-Oppression training. If you came to the first, please come again! We will explore ways of talking about systems of oppression, building a framework for social justice praxis, and understand our place in the journey toward a more just, equitable, and empowered society. This guided conversation will be facilitated by Liam Bailey, a longtime intersectional justice activist and educator. Our dialogue will be a space of self exploration as well as increasing awareness of the socio-political realities that surround us. We will explore how to engage in conversations that work toward coalition building while maintaining personal and political integrity, and dream of ways that we can take action to make our community a safer and more just place. ------ About Liam: Liam Bailey has been engaged in justice work of various kinds for over a decade with a focus on Queer and Trans Liberation and economic justice, always within an intersectional context. Liam has worked to transform the landscape for Queer and Trans folx with national organizations like Soulforce and GLSEN, as well as more local initatives such as GIFT and Queer Grand Rapids. For five years Liam also participated in the "Change U" Social Justice institute at Grand Valley State University as a co-facilitator and curriculum builder. Liam's passion is engaging new folks who are looking for inspiration or to make connections that might lead to opportunities to take action for change!

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